Dienstag, 11. Juli 2017

Drawings / Sketches by Hanif Lehmann

Do You know a country in central-Europe called Bohemia? A view can answer with Yes - but they think it is country far in the past. I grown up on the border to the Czechoslovakian (socialist) republic. But the older people remembered, this was a border to a complete different country - to the Habsburg-Austrian-Empire: a country with wild and colourful tribes like Hungarians, all most conquered by the Osmans, later it conquered even a part of the old khalifat. My fantasy mixed the Oriental Fairy Tales with the stories from the old people, in which appeared railway-men with sabre, old women with secret herbal lore: sorceresses, and the musicians .  . And then the forests there. Later i found out, the small town of my childhood was a Bohemian town, ...
Later i will tell You more.  . ..
Hanif Lehmann
the (letterpress) books published by the widukind-presse

Sloup v Čechách - Bürgstein -  Kaple sv Jana Nepomuckého

Sloup v Čechá - Bürgstein -  Kaple sv Jana Nepomuckého

Hostinec pod Kalichem

Liběšice II

Liběšice III

Liběšice I

Schloß Ploschkowitz - Zamek Ploskovice
Tage in Kuks
Zeichnungen 30 x 40 cm, 2016



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